VECTOR 2 Writeup, ingredients and effects.

VECTOR version 2 and why its so awesome
Written by Jonah Allen
Its 2023....In the last 70 years there has been more technological innovation on earth than there has been in the previous 4 billion years. In your pocket you have a device that has a more powerful computer than those that were used when we went to the moon and more powerful than those that used to control our nuclear capabilities. You have a more powerful camera than what hollywood used for film 20 years ago. You have the vast majority of human knowledge via the internet in your pocket yet sports nutrition has basically stalled out. We see the vast majority of brands just copy whatever they can from other companies and then market them as THEIR awesome new creation. Obviously this is complete BS. If you look at the label of 99% of the sports nutrition products out there they are literally all the same. Innefective, underdosed, tired or cloned.

2023 is going to be a big year for BLR and sports nutrition.
We started by refreshing our current line. Making improvements where we can as tech and research has given me some new tools.
Letrone 2 is majorly more powerful than #1 and Vector #2 is no different. You might be familiar with the ingredients because the plants of origin are the same but this is a whole new beast.

On the label: You will still see Korean mistletoe, Eriobotrya Japonica and Rehmannaie but there are some major differences.
Each is a blend of standardized extracts that target the active compounds. Sort of like saying coffee extract but its caffeine extracted from coffee if you get my drift.
100% these are extracts of the plants on the label and we meet legal label standards but you absolutely cannot obtain any extract with these ratios. Period. The new version is more powerful by an order of magnitude and we have seen some amazing results in test subjects.
I think you will be happy ;)

In addition we added our trademarked BioX bioavailability complex.
Its important to mention that not all bioavailability enhancement agents are created equal.
There are many things that can lead to reduced oral bioavailability and especially when we are talking about plant extracts with dozens of actives and multiple plant extracts in a single product. In this case we need to work from many different angles to ensure that we increase the bioavailability of as many of the actives as possible. Insert BioX. I wont waste time by explaining how the ingredients work but I will say that I dont know of any other 1 shot bioavailability package that even compares.

ERIOBOTRYA JAPONICA -1000mg Mixed extracts.

Quick breakdown=
PPARα agonist
Increased insulin sensitivity
DGAT expression +
Increased the strength of muscle contractions
Increased physical performance and strength
Not muscle mass specifically
Helps prevent muscle loss

Eriobotrya Japonica (EJ) or Loquat is a fruiting plant commonly used for food, added to alcholic beverages and sometimes used for health and longevity. EJ contains a host of interesting chemicals with a number of effects that are beneficial to those looking to build muscle, burn fat or increase athletic performance. Loquat for bodybuilders? On the surface EJ doesnt seem to be super exciting but nothing could be further from the truth. There have been a number of studies indicating that the proper extract at a high enough dose can lead to gains in muscle mass, strength and fat loss. Studies indicate EJ Increases the expression of myogenic genes MyoD, Myogenin and MyHC. This increased expression corresponds with an increase in the activity of Creatine Kinase a myogenic differentiation marker. Finally EJ activates the AKT/mTOR pathway and subsequently promotes muscle protein synthesis and a gain in lean muscle mass. In studies EJ was shown to prevent muscle atrophy and increase muscle hypertrophy so its great if your cutting and want to preserve muscle and its great if you want to bulk.


Akt is known as effector of insulin/IGF-1 signalling and it can induce muscle hypertrophy through a pathway involving rapamycin-sensitive mTOR.

mTOR regulates PGC-1a expression, which is a key regulator of mitochondria biogenesis, and the expression of PGC-1a has been implicated in the control of skeletal muscle mass. The activation of the Akt/mTOR pathway and its downstream targets, p70S6K and PHAS-1/4E-BP1, is requisitely involved in regulating skeletal muscle fiber size. Acute AKT activation also leads to a decrease in adipose tissue (fat loss)


The pathways that are sufficient to induce hypertrophy in skeletal muscle have been the subject of some controversy. We describe here the use of a novel method to produce a transgenic mouse in which a constitutively active form of Akt can be inducibly expressed in adult skeletal muscle and thereby demonstrate that acute activation of Akt is sufficient to induce rapid and significant skeletal muscle hypertrophy in vivo, accompanied by activation of the downstream Akt/p70S6 kinase protein synthesis pathway. Upon induction of Akt in skeletal muscle, there was also a significant decrease in adipose tissue. These findings suggest that pharmacologic approaches directed toward activating Akt will be useful in inducing skeletal muscle hypertrophy and that an increase in lean muscle mass is sufficient to decrease fat storage."

Myosin heavy-chain synthesis rate is correlated with measures of muscle strength, circulating insulin-like growth factor 1 and
dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate in men and women and free testosterone levels in men.
both MyoD and myogenin genes are necessary in the regenerative process for the proliferation of satellite cells (myoblasts) and for the development of early regenerating fibers (myotubes). The expression of Myod is sufficient to convert a fibroblast to a skeletal muscle cell,

Just a short list of the chemical constituents of EJ-

Ursolic acid
Chlorogenic acid
Corosolic acid
Oleanolic acid
Caffeic acid
Procyanidin B2
Protocatechuic acid
Ferulic acid
Tormentic acid
Ellagic acid
Lets take a quick look at what some of these do.

EJ doesnt have as much epicatechin as something like cocoa or green tea but there is still a decent amount. Its estimated that there is about 150mg per 100g in cocoa and there is about 60mg in EJ so a little less than half. None the less there is enough that epicatechin will be active especially with Narinigenin, EGCG and quercetin in the mix as these all increase the absorption of epicatechin. Lets think of epicatechin as sort of a bonus.

Ursolic acid.
There is a decent dose in here at upwards of 250mg estimated per daily dose of our EJ extract but Ursolic acid is also a major constituent of another of Vectors ingredents giving us approx 500mg + of Ursolic acid per dose. Ursolic acid orally has been show in studies to increase muscle mass, Increase strength, Increase brown fat, Increase glucose utilization and increase exercise capacity. Its been stated that UA is not viable orally but I think I disagree and it seems as though studies also indicate that it is orally active although it has a very poor absorption rate. This is where BioX really shines as it helps increase the oral bioavailability of Ursolia acid a ton.

Corosolic acid.
Corosolic acid is a GDA generally extracted from Banaba (lagerstroemia speciosa) but a significant amount is present in Eribotrya J. Corosolic acid works orally at relatively low doses and has some interesting effects. Even doses of 10mg are viable to display its impressive effects. Most people have heard of Corosolic acid for its glucose effects as it is a major GDA. Corosolic acid can help to keep glucose down with multiple mechanisms of action. Glut4 translocation, reduced insulin resistance as well as all kinds of enzymatic suppression and or expression.
-Corosolic acid has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and enhance lipid metabolism.
-Corosolic acid is also a great fat burner not only through antidiabetic effects but also by retarding absorption of fatty acids.
-Corosolic acid is a potent and selective inhibitor of the enzyme (11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1) that converts inactive cortisone to active cortisol. Therefore, corosolic acid may prevent excessive cortisol production.

Overall Corosolic acid is one of Vectors great components. Increased Glucose uptake into muscles, decreased blood sugar, increased insulin sensitivity, increased fat utilization and decreased fat diposition plus decreased cortisol make Corosolic a powerhouse.

Oleanolic acid
Oleanolic acid (OA) is a constituent of Olea Europea, Viscum Album and Eriobotrya japonica as well as others.
Its long been used in Chinese medicine for treatment of liver disorders and other ailments. OA increases glucose utilization, is a solid vasodilator and increases expression of the AKT pathway.

Protocatechuic acid
Insulin like activity by activating PPAPy.
Decreases ROS
Anti inflammatory
GLUT4 upregulation
Protects the testes from damage and stress
Cardio protective

Caffeic acid
Increased exercise capacity
Reduced Blood Lactate
Increased fat loss

Ferulic acid, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid, is one of the most ubiquitous phenolic acids, found in the
bran of grasses such as wheat, rice, and oats. It belongs to the family of plant hydroxycinnamic acids, which
include caffeic acid, sinapic acid, and p-coumaric acid. Recent studies have provided evidence that ferulic acid reduces the risk of disease, including
Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. Currently, ferulic acid is used to enhance athletic
performance, both in humans and racehorses. Supplementation by it has been found to increase muscle strength in weight lifters.
In one animal study a single acute administration of Ferulic acid increased swimming time by 170%.
Ferulic acid prevented the decrease in catalase, superoxide dismutase and protected against the depletion of GST activity induced by exhaustive

Exercise can be associated with oxidative stress. Thus exercise can act as a powerful source of Reactive Oxygen Species, depending on duration and intensity. During exhaustive exercise, fat is typically used as the primary energy source, thus sparing glycogen stores, which in turn retards fatigue. However, during strenuous exercise substantial production of ROS occurs via beta oxidation during the utilization of fat.
In addition, a dramatic increase in oxygen consumption in the body creates an imbalance between ROS and the antioxidant defense system resulting in fatigue.
Acute adminstration of Ferulic acid prevents fatigue, increases endurance and protects the body during exhaustive exercise.

Chlorogenic acid
CA often reffered to as green coffee extract is widely known for its antiobesity effects via PPARa agonism and by preventing proliferation of new fat cells. CA can increase muscular glucose uptake both by stimulating Non insulin dependent AMPK as well as stimulating pAKt. Great for keeping bodyfat off while promoting muscle growth.

Tormentic acid
Anti diabetic
Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) 1000mg 100:1

KME quick breakdown
Increases muscle mass and strength by regulating metabolic and anabolic pathways.
Reduces Atrogin 1
Modulates Fox0
Ppary agonism
Decreases fat accumulation by up to 89%
Leutinizing hormone +

(KME)is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on various trees and has a diverse range of effects on biological functions. KME has been shown to have anti-tumor, immunostimulatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-obesity properties. Of interest to us as athletes KME has been reported to increase strength, muscle mass and improve overall exercise capacity. Of course we love to hear this but these days we want to know how and why so lets explore how KME works.

KME has been in use as a health agent for ages. Scientists speculated that KME may be anabolic in vivo and a number of clinical studies were conducted to validate this hypothesis. KME has been proven to not only prevent muscle atrophy but also to promote skeletal muscle hypertrophy. This is important because it means that KME both increases muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown which makes it an ultra strong muscle mass building ingredient. Mice Fed KME for 4 weeks showed increases in muscle mass and grip strength. The research indicated multiple factors leading to this result not least of which is the well known AKT/mTOR pathway. Rats fed KME showed increased whole body weight, larger quadriceps and greatly increased strength. It was therefore determined that KME is anabolic as it directly leads to larger stronger muscles. In addition to greater muscle fiber area and diameter KME fed mice showed incredible increases in endurance and exercise capacity making KME an ideal candidate for use in physique, strength and endurance athletes.

KME has been shown to decrease fatigue and increase endurance. Increased mitochondrial oxygen consumption and the increased expression of PPARy lead to increases of up to 212% in forced swim tests. KME reduces plasma ammonia levels, improves fuel utilization and enhances exercise performance. In one study researchers adminstered endurance capacity tests. KME fed animals ran TWICE AS FAR as their high fat diet only counterparts which is frankly amazing 100% increases in endurance is like no other natural anabolic currently available.

A big part of what makes anabolic steroids appealing is the ability to build muscle while losing fat. This is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. Fat loss while building muscle.
In a 15 week experiment KME was fed to animals along with a high fat diet. Around week 9 it became evident that the KME fed animals were gaining less weight with no differences in the amount of food taken in. At the end of the experiment the KME fed animals had 20% less bodyfat than their high fat diet only animals and when tested it was determined that the loss was adipose tissue. KME increases thermogenesis and nearly triples the amount of UCP1 (uncoupling protein 1), a principal thermogenic mitochondrial molecule related to energy dissipating in subcutaneous fat. To demonstrate the inhibitory mechanism of KME on fat cells adipogenic factors were studied. They measured the expression levels of the transcription factors PPAR, C/EBP-a, and SREBP-1c in 3T3-L1 cells treated with KME. The results show that PPAR-, C/EBP-a, and SREBP-1c mRNA levels were decreased by 64%, 60%, and 32%, respectively. Finally they also measured the mRNA expression levels of adipogenic enzymes, such as FAS, ACS, and ACC. These adipogenic enzymes were reduced by 69%, 55%, and 22%. Overall the research indicated that adipogenic factors were decreased by 89% compared to that of untreated cells giving KME an unprecidented level of fat loss power for something that is also incredibly anabolic.

KME has been shown to have a significant impact on the HPTA. KME leads to increased Leutinizing hormone, increased Testosterone and decreased prolactin.
This in turn makes VECTOR great for all purposes. Good alone, stacked, even during PCT.

Just a few of KME's MOAs=
In adult skeletal muscle the akt/mTOR signaling pathway is currently recognized as the major pathway regulating protein synthesis.
VECTOR activates this pathway and in turn increases protein synthesis and muscle mass.

increased leutinizing hormone leads to a significant increase in testosterone levels.

Atrogin 1-
Atrogin-1 is induced in response to myostatin/TGF-b signalling leading to muscle atrophy. Atrogin-1 and MuRF-1 have been identified as important enzymes in ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis and muscle atrophy, and modulating their expression via physical activity or targeting the upstream cytokines and growth factors that regulate their expression has the potential to prevent or reverse muscle atrophy. A reduction in Atrogin 1 prevents loss of muscle. This then makes VECTOR great at helping you hold onto muscle while dieting as its anabolic, anti catabolic and increases fat burning.

Both myostatin and TGF-ß are held in an inactive form in the muscle extracellular matrix, and when activated, bind to their receptors and activate Smad2/3. Generally speaking we want to see SMAD 2 and 3 drop while seeing an increase in SMAD 7. This is what we see with KME/VECTOR.
Rehmannaie radix. (RR) 1000mg @mixed extracts

RR is the third and final ingredient in VECTOR the next generation of natural anabolics. RR contains within some of the most interesting anabolic substances Ive seen and has a host of effects and properties that are of interest to us as athletes. RR has been used for aeons in ancient medicine but recently it has been demonstrated to have more than just health benefits. RR is an exceptional for performance enhancement, muscle mass building, strength and fat loss. Lets explore why.

RR at a glance=
Increases EPO and the capacity for the blood to carry oxygen
Increases IGF-1
Increases Beta endorphins
Increased ATP
Upregulates Mtor
Increased MHC
improves cognitive function
Has been shown to increase testosterone
Increase muscle mass
Reduce blood sugar/ antidiabetic
Helps with gastrointestinal disorders
Is used as a feed for animals as it increases weight and muscle mass.
Mild opioid activity/ pain killing with out the negatives of NSAIDS
Increases GLUT4
Improves mitochondrial function
Increases performance
INcreases strength
Prevents muscle atrophy


Catalpol is approx 11% of the dry weight of the Rehemannaie plant. In a strong extract like the one used in VECTOR percentages can be much higher. ;) Think of Catalpol as.....natural Doping. I see this could be hard to wrap your head around so let me explain-

Here is a quote from a study regarding the use of genes for doping.

"the advance of gene therapy has opened the door to the possibility of using genetic manipulation (GM) to enhance athletic performance. In such 'gene doping', exogenous genetic sequences are inserted into a specific tissue, altering cellular gene activity or leading to the expression of a protein product. The exogenous genes most likely to be utilized for gene doping include erythropoietin (EPO), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), myostatin antagonists, and endorphin. However, many other genes could also be used, such as those involved in glucose metabolic pathways."

So they are saying in essence that by targeting these specific factors an athlete could augment themselves and become sort of a super human. Interestingly Catalpol targets most of these and more. EPO, VEGF, IGF1, Beta endorphins. Augmenting these can lead to MAJOR increases in muscle mass, athletic performance and fat loss.

Catalpol increases EPO-
EPO has been used by athletes (illegally in most cases) to increase performance for decades. Well known for its use in cycling EPO when injected or when it is increased through other means leads to huge increases in overall performance. EPO increases red blood cells which in turn carries more oxygen to muscles. VO2Max is increased, overall power output is increased, time to exhaustion is increased. These boosts give the athlete a huge advantage in competition but also for those who are not competitors it allows for the same improvements making your everyday Clark Kent into more of a Superman. When combined with RRs second chemical constieunt, a strong vasodilator we have GREATLY improved performance as the oxygen rich overabundance of red blood cells are pumped through wide open blood vessels.

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a major regulator of blood vessel formation during development and in the adult organism. Recent evidence indicates that this factor also plays an important role in sustaining the proliferation and differentiation of different cell types, including progenitor cells of different tissues, including skeletal muscle, bone marrow, bone, and the central nervous system. VEGF promotes the growth of myogenic fibers and protects the myogenic cells from apoptosis in vitro and prompt a therapeutic use for VEGF gene transfer in a variety of muscular disorders. VEGF also increases angiogenisis and blood flow to muscles.

Catalpol increases IGF1 which is a well known positive regulator of skeletal muscle. Vector is a fantastic muscle building agent but we all know that in order to grow we need to eat caloric surplus.
Unfortunately as we eat more, particularly carbs, blood sugar rises and IGF1 is suppressed while IGF1 sensitivity is increased.
Catalpol prevents this drop in IGF1 leading to higher IGF1 levels during a period where IGF1 sensitivity is at its highest. This contributes to Vectors muscle growth potential.

Catalpol increases Beta endorphin release. B-EP are known for causing the often referred to "runners high" and is part of what makes us feel great after exercise. B-EP have also been shown to decrease muscle fatigue and increase glucose uptake in muscles. B-EP are in a large part what gives us the Mind/muscle connection when training. B-EP improves neuromuscular function, increases the amplitude of contractions and decreases the time to peak muscle contraction in response to nerve stimulation. B-EP can increase initial, maximum and mean muscle tension meaning strength potential.

Catalpol effectively increases mitochondrial ATP production.

Catalpol is also remarkably hypoglycemic, reduces total serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Making it a powerhouse within RR and lending itself nicely to the overall structure and potential of VECTOR.

- Is a well known iridoid glycoside with many sources but Loganin is present in high quantities in Rehemannaie.
Loganin is a fantastic anabolic agent in its own right. Loganin is being studied currently as a treatment for skeletal muscle atrophy. In addition Loganin seems to possess anti inflammatory, antioxidant, glucose lowering and muscle protective effects. Loganin upregulates the Atk/mTOR pathway and increases IGF1 leading to increased muscle tissue.
Loganin has also been shown to increase skeletal muscle strength in animal studies and inhibits Atrogin-1 which prevents skeletal muscle atrophy. Further anabolic potential lies in its suppression of SMAD2/3 and increased expression of SMAD7. In animals studies Loganin increased muscle mass, overall bodyweight, strength and protein synthesis making it a powerhouse anabolic.

Betain is a well known constituent of Beet roots. Betain has been studied and shown to increase performance as well as skeletal muscle growth making it a fantastic component of RR and ultimately VECTOR. Betain has been found to increase IGF1 expression, as well as MyHC synthesis which can both lead to increases in muscle. In addition it is a great vasodilator and improves blood flow to muscles. This vasodilation combined with Catalpols increase in RBC from EPO makes this stuff a wicked performance enhancing ingredient.
1.Loquat leaf extract enhances myogenic differentiation, improves muscle function and attenuates muscle loss in aged rats.
2.Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) extract prevents dexamethasone-induced muscle atrophy by inhibiting the muscle degradation pathway in Sprague Dawley rats.
3.Effect of Loquat Leaf Extract on Muscle Strength, Muscle Mass, and Muscle Function in Healthy Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, and Placebo-Controlled Trial
4.Ethanol Extract of Eriobotrya japonica Leaves Enhanced Swimming Capacity in Mice
5.Cell Suspension Culture of Eriobotrya japonica Regulates the Diabetic and Hyperlipidemic Signs of High-Fat-Fed Mice
6.Tormentic Acid, a Major Component of Suspension Cells of Eriobotrya japonica, Suppresses High-Fat Diet-Induced Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia by Glucose Transporter 4 and AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphorylation
1.- Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) extract regulates gene expression related to muscle atrophy and muscle hypertrophy
2.- Atrogin-1, MuRF-1, and sarcopenia
3.- Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) extract improves endurance capacity in mice by stimulating mitochondrial activity.
4.- A combination of Korean mistletoe extract and resistance exercise retarded the decline in muscle mass and strength in the elderly: A randomized controlled trial
Loquat Leaf Extract Enhances Muscle Contraction-Induced Activation of Protein Synthesis Signaling in Rat Skeletal Muscle
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Four sesquiterpene glycosides from loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) leaf ameliorates palmitic acid-induced insulin resistance and lipid accumulation in HepG2 Cells via AMPK signaling pathway

Cell suspension culture of Eriobotrya japonica regulates the diabetic and hyperlipidemic signs of high-fat-fed mice.

Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) extract regulates gene expression related to muscle atrophy and muscle hypertrophy

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