PYRO-6 the only 99% 6-paradol extract


The supplement industry is one of the most stagnant industries in existence. Cookie cutter brands without any experience with ingredients or product formulation just call up a manufacturer and ask them to make them whatever is popular and cheap. As a result there are 20000000 brands with the exact same products only different labels. Black Lion Research has been different from day one. We strive to lead the industry in innovation, formulation and quality. Over the years Black Lion Research has contributed some of the most well known ingredients. Epicatechin for example.

Introducing PYRO-6......
6-paradol, is a major vanilloid with desirable sports nutrition properties such as fat burning and performance enhancement. 6-Paradol is related to gingerol, shogoal and other gingerols commonly found in grains of paradise and ginger extracts among others. 6 paradol, however appears to be doing most of the heavy lifting with regards to fat loss. One study found that 6-paradol decreased body weight gain, visceral and subcutaneous fats in 2 weeks, whereas 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol had no effect. Additionally, 6-paradol suppresses the hepatic cholesterol and triglyceride and significantly decreases the gene expression related to fatty acid synthesis, lipid transportation, and adipocyte differentiation in both liver and adipose tissue. 6-paradol increases energy expenditure reduces visceral fat and the visceral fat to subcutaneaous fat ratio. In addition 6-paradol increases activation of BAT (brown adiopose tissue) and increases calorie burning, even while at rest.

Fat burning, 6 paradol, weight loss

This makes 6-paradol a perfect companion to MIRAGLUTIDE the BLR GLP-1 agonist complex found only in Incinderine as it potently increases brown fat activation. 6-paradol has been shown to activate AMPK even at rest which mimics the fat burning effects of exercise, and, decreases the inflammatory agents and damage caused by fat storage.exercise mimetic, weight loss, fat burning 6-paradol helps to reduce fatigue while training while increasing endurance making it a perfect addition to Incinderine. 6 paradol is generally found in the form of Pyridoxine which is a 12.5% 6 paradol extract from grains of paradise. The only other commercially available extract is a 2.5% extract. This doesnt make sense to us. 6 paradol is such a potent ingredient but companies are using it at ultra low doses just as filler so customers think they are getting alot of ingredients. And they are....but not high enough doses to do anything. Black Lion Research PYRO-6 is a 99% pure extract from Ginger and the most potent 6-paradol extract in existence. Found nowhere on earth except in Black Lion Research Incinderine our newly released fat burner. Brands interested in utilizing this unique ingredient can reach out to us via our contact page to discuss licensing.


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